Throughout our brewing career we have produced many specials. To keep it fun, but at the same time also to create unique beers. Below you will find an ever-growing list of our one-off brews.

How many have you tried?



A special Rembrandt inspired beer walk was held in Leiden to celebrate Rembrandt van Rijn's 350th death day. Six brewers, including us, were asked to brew a limited beer for the occasion.
We decided to reinvent the beer type Israël.
This 17th century white beer was brewed with floor malted wheat, and we changed the aroma hops for pine tops. This creates a dangerously drinkable beer with piney hints.


Anna Maria. Collab met Kaapse Brouwers

As part of the CRAFT mega collab we got together with Kaapse Brouwers to make Anna Maria. A fresh German style top fermented beer, almost a kölsch, to which we added Indian coriander and kumquats. This gave the beer a lot of citrus aroma. The beer is named after Anna Maria von Schurman. She was born in Cologne and was the first female student in The Netherlands. 


East to West. Collab met D'n Drul en Stollenberg

After meeting the brewers of Stollenberg and D'n Drul in Nijmegen we talked about brewing a collaboration brew for almost a year! Thankfully last April we got together to make this East to West. We drove from western Wassenaar to eastern Groesbeek to stir the kettles together. In the end we brewed a wheat beer with New Zealand hops. The labels shows the western octopus and eastern Uncle Sam.


ALS no-boil hextuple dry-hopped partygyle porter. Collab met Rock City Brewing

While brewing our R.I.B.A.C.S. at Rock City, Niels and Koen got a little bored. Together they decided to brew a special beer for the launch of Body and Soul, the beer brewed to raise funds for ALS.
By adding extra sparge water to the brew we got extra wort which was used to make a special porter. Instead of boiling we kept this beer at 80 degrees. We also dry-hopped this beer 6 times after fermentation!


WassHop Porter!?!

We have a special place to get some rest in the middle of Wassenaar. Near the Dorpskerk we grow some hop plants and cultivate our own bees.
The hops we have planted there are harvested in September, and of course we use them for our own beer!

This year we chose to brew a porter, a dark beer thanks to all the burnt malts, and obviously using only our own hops. 

The name of this beer refers to the porters of England, who were the original inspiration for this beer style.


Biscuit Tripel

We joined the PINT member festival and were asked to bring a beer we never made before. Of course we were ready for the challenge! 

The biscuit tripel is almost a Belgian tripel, but it wouldn't be our beer if it did not have a twist. This beer only contains Citra hops, which is known for her wonderful aroma, and we added 32.5% biscuit malt to the mash to add an exciting biscuity flavour.
Using WYeast Belgian Ardennes yeast gave this beer 8% alcohol and a lot of spicey aroma's as well.



Willem V.0

To celebrate the 50th birthday of Wassenaar's most famous inhabitant, King Willem-Alexander, we produced a tasty orange coloured pilsner.
Using Czech yeast and 5.0 grams of Kazbek hops per litre, we created a fruity bottom-fermented beer. During boiling and fermentation we used the peel of oranges as an extra twist.
The orange peel added a surprising bitterness, but at the same time a wonderful aroma.


Together with Bierista.nl we brewed and distributed 2000 litres of this special present throughout The Netherlands.

It was a great adventure and we are proud to have reached national press with our beer.
The name was chosen from a massive amount of contributions to the name-giving competition we started.

Willem V.0 was a great success, but unfortunately the King only turns 50 once! Long live the king!


Bruiloft Blond

This was the original Blonde d'été. More info there!


Irish Export Stout

The Irish brewed a special extra heavy stout to export to far-away countries. We made our stout with extra coffee-like roasted malts because as brewers we need a lot of coffee when we go on long trips. The beer was sold exclusively  to Stadsbrouwhuis Leiden and tapped during the winter-beer festival at the Scheltema in 2017. 


Wedding Whisky Weizener 

Also a wedding special, but this time a wheat beer with added whisky malt. This malt is produced by burning peat and allowing the smoke to pass through the malt during production. This gives the malt it's special flavour. Most of the whisky hints came out in the aroma of this beer. 


New Zealand Saison 

Another beer brewed for the Stadsbrouwhuis in Leiden. For their opening in April 2016 they asked if we could produce a blonde beer which would fit well with everyone.
Of course we were up to the challenge! We decided to brew a saison, with the renowned Nelson Sauvin hops.
Using this hop and a saison yeast which are known for their dry fermentation we made a beer which tasted like a white wine. Although very successful we will have to wait a while to produce this beer again, because the hops are very rare and difficult to obtain for a bigger batch. We only produced 100 litres this time round, it was one of the last batches in our old 50L brewing system.


One might argue that all our beers we made in 2015 were specials. With a production capacity of 2600 litres we were still experimenting with each new batch of our "core" range.